AGITPROP MACHINE: How the US create Fake Al Qaeda and ISIS videos

Friends of Syria

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

Following the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Pentagon reportedly paid PR firm Bell Pottinger $540 million to produce fake terror videos used to steer Western political interests.

If this latest report by the The Bureau of Investigative Journalism is accurate, the public is once again privy to another startling example of how deep-state social engineering impacts and propels larger geopolitical war campaigning.

This latest Pentagon public relations scandal comes after an onslaught of summertime war propaganda images were found to have been fabricated by the George Soros and US-UK government-backed pseudo NGO known as ‘The White Helmets.’

‘WAR GAMES’ – (Photo Illustration 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton)

As 21WIRE recently reported, “Like so many celebrated attributes of the lauded White Helmets, the rescue numbers are clearly exaggerated. The so-called “rebel-held” territories (in actuality, terrorist-held areas) in which the White Helmets exclusively operate, have very few civilians remaining in them. The majority of…

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