A People’s Friend Commission

Scottish Music Publishers 1880-1950 (and Earlier Stationers' Hall research)

Heritage: The Female Composers that Time Forgot (The People’s Friend Special Issue no.197, 2020)

Earlier this year, I was commissioned by The People’s Friend to write a feature about forgotten women composers. You might wonder why I’m excited about this, but there are actually several reasons:-

  • It’s an important subject – and it’s important for school and university students today, too!
  • The People’s Friend average circulation is 157,380 per issue, so even though my feature appeared in a special issue, it has the potential to achieve wildly greater public engagement than anything else I’ve written about a research topic.
  • Whilst getting published in academic circles is crucial – and sometimes difficult to achieve for us scholars – it isn’t easy getting published in popular magazines either.
  • Well over two decades ago, I authored over 30 short stories and a serial for The People’s Friend (yes – shock! Actual…

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